Lumacare Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Embracing Opportunities

Expand Our Thinking. Expanding Our Reach. This is Embracing Expansion.

Developed in partnership with our stakeholders, our new strategic plan is bold and ambitious. It builds on our existing strengths and prepares us for the many forces that will impact community support services over the next three years.

In early 2018, we acknowledged we were operating in transformational times. A strategic planning team was assembled to consult, position and lead the organization to the creation of its 2019-2022 plan, Embracing Opportunities.

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Our Business Strategy

To leverage and grow our knowledge, resources, and partnerships for the development and delivery of cost-effective, innovative, community services to ensure community residents receive accessible, high-quality services that meet their unique needs.

Our Aim Statements

1. Lead

We will unleash the potential of passionate people to change and improve the lives of clients, their families and our community.

2. Disrupt

We will deliver innovative, collaborative, and high-quality services to individuals and their families, in the right place at the right time.

3. Grow

We will expand offerings through responsive approaches to demand and future opportunities.

4. Transform

We will live and breathe a culture of philanthropy to diversify revenue and expand reach.

Our Ideal State

Our ideal state is to be the number one social- purpose agency serving seniors, their families and our community.

After achieving our strategic goals, Lumacare will have sustainable and diversified revenue, new partnerships and be known as a dependable social-purpose agency that thrives and expands through its ability to respond to an ever-changing environment.

How Success Will be Measured

Lumacare uses a balanced scorecard to track and monitor our progress and hold us accountable for achieving our strategic goals over the next three years. The document is broken down into four aim statements with tracked deliverables that are updated quarterly and shared with our Board of Directors.

As we forge ahead with new challenges, we look forward to standing tall as the leader of community support service agencies in North York, embracing expansion, and responding to both individual and system needs.

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