On Friday, December 1st we hosted our first ever Comfort for a Cause UnGala Event from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. This event had a unique concept, as event participants did not actually attend any event at all. Alternatively, they stayed home and received a Comfort Kit, which contained the perfect supplies for a cozy night in. We secured sponsorship from over 10 companies and accumulated a wide array of unique and high quality items to put inside the Comfort Kits. This event quickly generated buzz over social media and we are thrilled with the outcome. Over 60 staff members, clients and supporters participated!

The cost of one comfort kit alone can feed a senior for a week, pay for two days at an Adult Day Program, or send a personal support worker into a senior’s home for more than two hours. All proceeds generated from the Comfort Kits, went directly into supporting the 15+ programs and services we offer to help seniors remain independent at home. By hosting this event, Lumacare was able to engage with both new and long-term supporters from afar. Event participants could stay in and relax and take comfort in the fact that their donation went to supporting seniors in our community.

If you were unable to participate in our UnGala event on December 1st, we would like to invite you to connect with us on our social media platforms. You can find the information there for upcoming events, activities, and fundraising initiatives!





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Thank you again to all of our sponsors, donors, guests, and clients for supporting our exciting new initiative as we continue our journey towards our $100,000 fundraising goal by end of March, 2018

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