Careers at Lumacare

Thank you for your interest in a career at Lumacare!

A career at Lumacare means constant growth and development for your personal and professional life while making a difference in the community we serve.

Lumacare offers careers in 7 unqiue office locations and in the community with flexible and unique offerings.

“Lumacare is a fully accredited agency committed to equity in employment.  Our goal is a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the communities we serve.  We strongly encourage applications from women and men, people from racialized communities, visible minories, persons with disabilities, aboriginal persons and people who identify themselves as LGBT.  We seek to attract and retain individuals who will work together to create and sustain a vibrant, healthy, safe and caring community.”


“I enjoy talking with people. My job provides me an opportunity to put that basic urge to use for a purpose. The best part of my day is that I am able to spend all day with the seniors from the Diner’s Club and Transitional Adult Day Program. My job may not be glamourous, but I like knowing that I can fill a need with seniors, as well as getting to know them and bring light into their lives. And most of all, the relationships that I have with my co-workers makes me love my job”.
Debbie Samsundar, Program Assistant
“Working at Lumacare has given me exposure to several different areas within Senior Community. This stems from the different programs and approaches offered at Lumacare. I have been able to use my knowledge developed from education/experience, to my skills learned in practice and my passion – all in one. Each day I am able to gain from working with the clients and co-workers which continue to add to my growth as an individual. Lumacare continues to challenge me to think outside the box and challenge myself to continue to grow in my professional ways. My co-workers have become my team that I can rely on for support and to give me insight to areas I may have a blind eye towards. Lumacare always has opportunities to grow within management status, and staffs always encourage each other to seek more. I can speak from experience when I say “Over the last 2 years, I have continuously grow into more and different positions/level”.
Andrea Saullo, Assisted Living Program Supervisor
I am happy working for people and Lumacare is giving me the opportunity to make a contribution in the life of our seniors. My satisfaction is finished my day knowing that I was able to make a difference in the life of our clients. I have found a working environment where camaraderie and respect are important aspects of everyday. I like the idea that I can communicate with any person in the organization regardless of their position or hierarchy. At Lumacare I found work-life balance.
Andres Guerrero, Program Coordinator


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