Our Evolution

Lumacare began life in 1974 as “Downsview Services for Seniors”, which was also commonly known as “DSS”.

Downsview Services for Seniors Logo


Over 40 years, DSS expanded to eight locations across Toronto and reached many people outside of the Downsview geographical area. Our name no longer represented us as a whole. In light of our 40th anniversary it was time to rename and rebrand ourselves. That’s when the tough work began, creating a name, tagline and brand that represented our future as much as it did our past.

After 40 years of dedicated service to the community, we’ve reinvented our brand.


To create the brand numerous brand workshops were held with staff members and board members. In addition to the workshops, clients, staff members, board members and the community engaged in our discovery process through focus groups, one on one meetings, telephone and print and online surveys.

Guiding words found through this process were: Family-Centric, Quality, Excellence, Diversity, Community and Leadership

Lumacare Rebranding Logo


Rebranding and renaming Downsview Services for Seniors to a meaningful brand that instills a “Family-Centric” message to the community. Achieving excellence and providing leadership in family-centric health and social services in our diverse commuinuty is a thread throughout our history as well as our future.

Our new name Lumacare and tagline, People Helping People lends itself  to the theme of being family-centric.  Lumacare signifies our tireless commitment to bring light into the lives of each and every one of our clients.

Lumacare aspires to enhance, engage, and empower the members of our diverse community by providing equitable, accessible and high quality services. Lumacare represents our unrelenting focus on quality and our passion for excellence.

Lumacare serves as a bright light in the lives of over 3000 adults, caregivers, and family members.