Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Strategic Plan 2016-2019















Leading With Care

Lumacare is at an exciting and expansive stage of organizational development. To guide our next stage of growth, our Board of Directors and staff undertook a major planning process. We solicited input from multiple stakeholder groups including Clients, staff , partners, community leaders and external stakeholders, collected data and reviewed agency performance. Based on this process, we developed a comprehensive approach to expanding the scope, quality and impact of our work.

Our new three-year strategic plan provides a clear blueprint for Lumacare’s future. At its core, the plan shows our determination to build on our strengths, pushes us to be innovative and become both the service provider and employer of choice. It outlines a focused direction for maximizing Lumacare’s effectiveness, better informing quality decision-making and educating staff to be sector leaders in home and community care.

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Family-Centric Approach










Lumacare operates using a family-centric approach to our service design and delivery

  • We strive to work collaboratively with our Clients, families, partners, and the community to plan and evaluate our programs and services.
  • We understand the diverse and complex health and social service needs of families.
  • We recognize the strength of families and importance of connectedness with service providers and supports.
  • We play an integral role in helping families navigate the health care system.

How Success Will be Measured

A balanced scorecard tracking document has been created to track and monitor our progress and hold us accountable for achieving our strategic goals over the next year and two years thereafter. The document is broken down by our five strategic goals and further separated out into 15 subcategories. A progress tracking document will internally be updated quarterly and shared with our Board of Directors.

Lumacare Balanced Scorecard

As we move forward in our journey to fulfill our three-year strategic plan, we look forward to being in communication and keeping you up-to-date with our progress.