Canadian African Canadian (CAFCAN) Social Services is a not-for-profit agency whose primary focus is on building and strengthening the service framework for African Canadians through the use of psycho-social Interventional approaches.  CAFCAN hopes to attract, utilize and retain the best personnel in staffing in the field of social services to optimize and improve all areas of services including Operation Management and Organizational Development. More so, the service delivery will continue to be delivered by highly trained and skilled professional who are working to assist all service users in the utmost supportive ways to alleviate social conditions which are impacting adversely for them as individuals, families and as youths so as to enable them to reach their full potentials.

These programs and services have included but are not limited to:

  • Family and Youth Counselling
  • Employment Support
  • Senior’s, Violence Against Women
  • Leadership & Outreach Programs for Youth and Young adults

CAFCAN was specifically set up to provide culturally appropriate social services to enrich the lives of the African, Caribbean and diasporic (ACD) communities in the GTA. CAFCAN was officially incorporated in May 2014 and has now formally assumed the full responsibilities for the social services arm that was very much part of the operations of Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA).Specifically since June, 2014, each organization has its own Board of Directors, each composed of different individuals.

CAFCAN is dedicated to building on the long history it has inherited from the JCA which has had well over 53 years history of service to major segment of the Black Community and this is to move us to higher heights and a greater range of services which is based on a Vision, Mission and New Governance structure designed to bring out the best quality programs and services to meet the growing needs of the Caribbean, African and Canadian Diaspora Communities.  It is very much dedicated to enabling improvement in the quality of life and wellbeing for every client it serves.