We are pleased to share that Lumacare has been recognized for its work during this challenging time by CBC News! News Reporter Chris Glover and the CBC News crew visited our Campus of Care on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 and spent a day with our staff as they worked to provide essential services to the seniors in the North York community. The CBC News crew also tagged along with our staff and visited our clients to hear about their experience.

As we know, the community of North-West has been hard hit by Covid-19, which puts the seniors in the area we serve, at a much greater risk of infection. Lumacare has stood by its clients since the beginning of the pandemic with not only essential but enhanced and modified services to better address their needs. It is an honor to be recognized for the work we are doing for our clients and community at large, especially in the Seniors Month! CBC News crew put together a wonderful piece on Lumacare that was aired last evening. We are grateful for the heartfelt segment and thank CBC News and Chris Glover for highlighting the seniors and their need to the general public.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our funders, donors and partners; without their partnership, support and generous contribution, we would not have been able to do the work we do and help the seniors at a time when they need us the most.

With Gratitude,
Susan Doyle (She/Her)
Chief Executive Officer