Congratulations to Petros, a Lumacare team member who was a recent award recipient in the category of Service Excellence the annual Share the Light Awards Gala hosted by Northwood Neighbourhood Services. The 6th Annual Share the Light Awards Gala took place on May 20, 2016 where fellow community agency representatives came together to celebrate leadership, service excellence, volunteer excellence, and client service.

Petros has been a loyal Lumacare employee for seven years and acts on the belief that at Lumacare we are all on the same team.  This is evident in his actions, particularly at our Adult Day Programs, where he’s been known to step in and assist during a medical emergency – keeping Clients calm and offering support to program staff.  Additionally, Petros is happy to share his expertise with families as well.  It is not uncommon to see him out in a parking lot, showing a caregiver how best to assist an individual in getting into a vehicle or working with a fellow team member to support a Client who is having a difficult time.

Petros is always willing to speak for his Clients who cannot speak for themselves and displays incredible compassion and patience, particularly when serving his Clients who have cognitive impairments or a diagnosis of Dementia.  He believes that it is important to remember that each Client, no matter their condition or situation, deserves respect and kindness.

Petros is the epitome of a professional, taking pride in the work he does and truly looking for no reward greater than meeting a Client’s needs and maintaining their dignity.  His gentle manner and kind approach provides Lumacare Clients with a high quality and positive experience every time they get into his van.  Staff members from across the agency respect and appreciate his dedication and hard work, which impacts all members of the Lumacare team and in a very real way, the community we serve.