At Lumacare, we strive to create an inclusive environment in every aspect of our organization from our policies and procedures, to program delivery, and staff training.  Over the last month Lumacare presented at various  conferences in an attempt to share the knowledge we have learned.

This October, Dana Borrie, Manager of Adult Day Programs at Lumacare presented on our Inclusive initiative,  at the Canadian Association on Gerontology’s (CAG) annual conference.

Shortly after, Dana presented at The  44th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting which took place in Calgary at the end of October. The conference theme “From Possibility to Practice in Aging” allowed Lumacare to showcase it’s practical inclusivity strategy that has been developed, implemented and evaluated over the last several years.

Dana’s presence was also recognized with a workshop presentation at this year’s annual Aging & Society Fifth Interdisciplinary Conference. This conference, with a mix of academic and professional attendees, provided Lumacare with another platform to discuss their strategy for supporting older LGBT adults and providing inclusive care agency-wide.

We are consistently looking for ways to expand our services to ensure older adults in our community have the unique support they require.  We look forward to keeping you updated!