Benefits of Walking:

  • Improves mental, social, and physical health; balance, posture, muscle strength.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease, developing high blood pressure, diabetes, and improves bone health to reduce the risk of fractures from falls.

Physical activity throughout the year is a part of healthy aging and can help prevent falls and fractures. Walking is just one winter activity to get you moving! Regular physical activity during the winter months could include walking, snow shoeing, or shoveling. Get creative and have fun this winter! However, it is important to be prepared for winter walking conditions.

  • Top Tips for Winter Walking:
  • Be prepared with reflective gear, warm clothing, and non-slip footwear.
  • Have your eyes checked annually? Give your eyes time to adjust to the change in light going from outdoors to indoors.
  • Be aware of and take extra precaution when walking over ice, wet leaves, rain, and snow. Try to walk on clear paths, ask for help, or choose a different route.

Many things can impact your safety while you walk including footwear, balance, medication, distractions, and environmental factors such as temperature and snowfall.

Enjoy walking and be safe!

Lumacare’s Falls Prevention Committee 🙂