Assisted Living
Services (ALS)

Our Assisted Living Services program provides 24/7 in-home support to high risk seniors living within the community. Our clients include those residing in apartment buildings and homes within a certain distance from the program Hub sites.

Seniors who meet the eligibility criteria are referred onto our services through a partnership with the Home and Community Care (HCC).

Our goal is to support our clients in order for them to remain independent and safe in their home environment for as long as possible without the need for institutionalization. Many of these seniors are frail, socially isolated, have mobility challenges, and do not have a strong support system.

Announcement: Enhanced Assisted Living Services (EALS)

We’ve Expanded!

Building on our strong foundation of high-quality & client-centered care, the Enhanced Assisted Living Services (EALS) program supports an additional 35 high-risk seniors, allowing them to remain independent and safe in their homes.

With this program expansion, Lumacare is currently serving 476 clients within the community through our Assisted Living Services. 


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ALS & EALS Program Highlights

  • Personal support and homemaking services
  • Clients re-assessed every 3 months to ensure needs are met
  • Medication management support
  • Wellness classes offered at Hub sites
  • Daily security checks via telephone and in-person
  • Emergency response 24/7
  • Educational workshops offered at Hub sites
  • Care coordination


Upcoming Events

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Program Details

Days of the Week: Monday to Sunday

Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day

Location: Hub Sites
2195 Jane Street, North York, M3M 1A3
3680 Keele Street, Main Floor, M3J 1M2

Cost: Free for those who qualify.

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Contact Information

To begin the admission process, please contact the Home and Community Care (HCC) at:
(416) 222-2241
Toll-Free: 1-888-470-2222
Text Telephone (TTY): (416) 222-0876

For more information about Assisted Living Services, please contact our Client Services Department at (416) 398-5511.