Picture of Dana Borrie receiving award at the 2014 Bhayana Awards The Bhayana award ceremony took place on Wednesday December 3rd 2014 showcasing 56 individuals and teams from United Way Member agencies who were nominated by their peers for various awards.

A heartfelt congratulations to Dana Borrie, Manager of Adult Day Programs on her United Way Bhayana Family Foundation Award in the category of Innovation and Creativity.

The Innovation and Creativity Award recognizes agency employees who introduce ideas, services or practices in new and imaginative ways, improving agency operations or services provided.

Dana was nominated by her Lumacare peers who highlighted her work with our LGBTQ initiative and training, as well as the numerous innovative program enhancements she has stewarded.

For more information, visit the Bhayana Awards website

What are the United Way Bhayana Family Foundation Awards?

The Bhayana Family Foundation Awards recognize extraordinary contributions made by staff at United Way Toronto funded agencies. We congratulate this year’s nominees and recipients. The commitment, creativity and team spirit shown by employees of agencies funded by United Way Toronto is essential to advancing the common good, community and neighbourhood building, and creating a better city for us all.

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