Intergenerational programs for seniors offer an opportunity to bridge the generation gap offering numerous benefits for both generations.

Intergenerational programs for seniors and kids is not a new idea, but this type of program is definitely a model of care that is getting more attention internationally.  Given the opportunity to share time together, seniors and children can enrich each other’s lives in many ways.

During the summer of 2018, Lumacare hosted a week-long intergenerational pilot program at our Valleyview Adult Day Program site.

Zelda, a legally blind client, connected with Linden and absolutely loved spending the week with him. They participated in all of the exercise classes, baking, and crafts together.





Although Eva doesn’t speak too often, her smiles said a thousand words.  By sharing time together, seniors helped the children learn and grow while the children helped stimulate seniors both mentally and physically.




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