April 2020,

After a brief parental leave, Lumacare is excited to welcome back our fearless leader Susan Doyle as our Executive Director.

The organization would like to thank Danielle Dang, who willingly stepped in to provide Lumacare with her temporary leadership as the Interim Executive Director. Danielle has led the organization through a difficult time of change as we transitioned to our community of campus model.

Susan returns to the organization at this critical time as the organization manages through navigating during these unprecedented times. With the COVID-19 pandemic having an enormous effect on our health care system, Susan’s timely return comes at a time of need for the organization. We thank her for her ongoing personal commitment to Lumacare while raising her growing family of three healthy girls.

”It has been great to spend time with my family and watch my children grow over the last couple of months. With everything going on in the world I knew it was time to get back to working in the community and make sure our aging population was safe and being cared for. Now more than ever the community needs us to show up.Susan Doyle, Executive Director.

To ensure a smooth transition of all business matters, all correspondence intended for the Executive Director can be sent to Susan Doyle’s attention at sdoyle@lumacare.ca or by telephone at 416.398.3163.