Building on our strong foundation of high-quality & client-centered care, Lumacare is excited to announce that we will be expanding our Assisted Living Services (ALS) program as of Monday, January 11, 2016.

Lumacare will now support 440 high risk seniors to remain independent and safe in their homes within a 5 KM radius of our hub site at 2195 Jane Street.



Program Highlights:

• Personal support and homemaking services
• Grocery shopping
• Medication management
• Wellness classes
• Security checks
• 24/7 support available


What is Lumacare’s Assisted Living Services Program?

Our Assisted Living Services program provides 24/7 in-home support to high risk seniors living within the community whom reside in apartment buildings and homes within a certain distance from the program Hub site. Our goal is to support our clients in order for them to remain independent and safe in their home environment for as long as possible. ALS clients have complex needs and often face a number of challenges such as social isolation, decreased mobility and chronic diseases.

For more information please visit our Assisted Living Services webpage or call us at 416.398.5511 to speak to our Client Services Department.