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Our volunteer Board of Directors governs the organization and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our communities.

Sitting on the Board of Directors for Lumacare is a unique volunteer opportunity that allows community members to work directly with the organization and make a difference in the communities we serve.

Meet the Board

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Lumacare Board Members

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Board Documents

Interested in understanding how we’re governed and want to see our current bylaws?

Board Documents

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Thank you for your interest in joining the Lumacare Board of Directors

Calling all Community Leaders!

  • Are you a local North York or North Etobicoke resident? A senior or caregiver in our community?
  • Someone with a background in health or community care?
  • Or a professional with working experience in quality improvement, law, finance, or patient advocacy?

Join the Lumacare Board of Directors and gain governance experience while making a difference in YOUR community.

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“Serving on Lumacare’s Board has been a truly enriching experience, both personally and professionally. I am able to enhance my strategic thinking and problem-solving skills while working with a passionate and diverse group of fellow Board Members, with the added bonus of knowing that our contributions are helping to strengthen Lumacare’s reputation as a provider of high-quality services for seniors and their families.”

Sara Bartolomeo, Board Member

Board of Director's Commitment

In an effort to remain transparent, we’d like to share with you the average monthly commitment our Board of Directors makes to Lumacare.

  • Board meetings are held 10 times per year for approximately 2 hours
  • Board members sit on sub-committees that meet either monthly, quarterly or on an as-needed basis as the work requires
  • Board members are encouraged to participate in Lumacare events, and to make a financial gift to the organization annually