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Care crafted for you, your way. Lumacare has a diverse range of over 15 programs and services to help older adults age independently in place. Whether you’re looking to stay active or spend the day with us, or a loved one needs an extra hand at home, we’re here for you.

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Companionship Calls

Our Companionship Call Program’s goal is to support independence of seniors by enriching their social interactions and overall well-being.
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Healthier Living Centre

For independent, older adults aged 55+ who wish to be physically active, meet new friends, engage in recreational activities, participate in special events, and attend excursions.
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In-Person and Virtual Exercise Classes

Virtual classes are held daily, and range from gentle fitness, chair fitness, cardio and bingo to social conversations. In-person community classes are offered at a range of different locations around the city. There is something for everyone!
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Healthier Living Centre Outings and Special Events

Under our Healthier Living Centre umbrella, this service plans and coordinates special outings and events for independent, older adults aged 55+.
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Healthier Living Centre Community Groups and Clubs

Under Lumacare's Healthier Living Centre umbrella, independent, older adults can take part in various social clubs and groups to stay connected to their peers.
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Food Services

Lumacare's Food Services department is here to make sure community members have access to healthy and appropriate food.
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Transportation Services

Lumacare partners with iRidePlus to provide easy and affordable driving services to support the independence of older adults.  
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B.O.O.S.T. Adult Day Program

The B.O.O.S.T. Adult Day Program is for individuals living with stroke and other neurological disorders. Physiotherapy is delivered three times a week for an additional fee.
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G.L.O.W. Adult Day Program

The G.L.O.W. Adult Day Program serves individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia.
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VALLEYVIEW Adult Day Program

The VALLEYVIEW Adult Day Program is a unique program split five days a week. It is designed to serve older adults living with dementia three days a week, and older adults living with dementia and those who are frail twice a week.  
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R.I.S.E. Adult Day Program

The R.I.S.E. Adult Day Program is for individuals who wish to participate in social programming and connect with peers, and require additional support throughout the day.  
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HOPEWELL Adult Day Program

The HOPEWELL Adult Day Program serves individuals 55+ living with a diagnosis of depression, generalized anxiety or bipolar disorder, and older adults who are frail.
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SUNSET Overnight and Respite Support

Our Sunset Overnight and Respite Support program provides short-term overnight and day support for individuals who require 24-hour care so that caregivers can get a needed break!
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Foot and Nail Care Services

As an add-on service for existing Lumacare adult day program clients, this service provides chiropodic care to help keep your feet and nails healthy and strong. It provides preventative care and supports for existing chiropodic issues.  
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Physiotherapy Services

For existing Lumacare adult day program clients, this add-on service is offered 2-3 times per week in a small group, led by a trained Physiotherapist.
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Tuck Shop

As an add-on service for our Community Care clients, Lumacare's Tuck Shop allows older adults to purchase an assortment of items from a tuck cart throughout the day, including personal care products and basic groceries.  
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Sensory Lending Library

Lumacare’s Sensory Lending Library offers various experiences to help stimulate all senses, whether visual, auditory or tactile. Sign out specialized equipment free of charge on a weekly basis!  
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Assisted Living Services

Lumacare works with Home and Community Support Services to offer Assisted Living Services. The program provides 24/7, in-home support to help older adults remain safe and independent while navigating health and social supports, for as long as possible.
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Home at Last Hospital-to-Home Program

Ensures individuals are supported when returning home from short- or long-term hospital stays. Services include transportation, light housekeeping, a frozen meal and care navigation.
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Home Support

Personal Support Workers provide assistance with personal care and household management, along with temporary relief for caregivers so they may tend to their own needs.
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Homemaking Services

Lumacare's Homemaking Services provide support and assistance to older adults in their home with light housekeeping tasks.
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Personal Care Services

Lumacare's Personal Care Services provide support for daily grooming and personal care to ensure older adults are able to stay independent for as long as possible.
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Respite Care

Offers temporary care of a person who requires a high level of support to give the caregiver a break from their caregiving duties.
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Care Navigation

Our friendly and professional Care Navigators can provide you with a free in-home or in-office assessment at a time that is convenient for you. Care Navigators will help figure out the care plan that is right for you or your loved one, free of charge!
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